Level: Advanced - Basic Knowledge in using PSP is required.


.::Greg's Factory Output Vol.II::..
.::Mask "20-20"::.

I've collected the tube and the mask on the web.
An infringement of a copyright is neither known to me nor intended by me!

Let's start:

1. Open your tube, duplicate it (STRG+D) and close the original.

2. If necessary: Resize the tube (width should not be wider than 350px).

3. Image - Canvas Size - 1024px width, height = height of your tube + 20px
placement = left middle arrow.

4. Create new raster layer - arrange - send to bottom.

5. You can now choose two colors from the tube or two matching colors you like:
a darker color for your foreground and a lighter color for your background.

6. Foreground and stroke properties: choose "Gradient" - "Foreground-background"
Angle 45, Repeats 1, Style linear, Invert NOT checked:

7. Floodfill the bottom layer with this gradient.
8. Effects - Greg's Factory Output Vol.II - Poolshadow with following settings:

9. Activate your tube layer (top layer).

10. Duplicate this layer (right click on layer palette - duplicate)

11. Activate the above tube layer (should be the layer in the middle on your layer palette)
and set the blend mode to "Luminace (Legacy)".

12. Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur with the following settings:

13. Duplicate this layer.

14. Image - flip.

15. Deactivate the top layer (tube layer)
- click on the eye next to the top layer in the layer palette

16. Activate one of the three other (visible) layers by mouseclick

17. richt mouse click - merge - merge visible

18. Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling with following settings:

*** step 19 - 22 are optional ***

19. Activate the top tube layer.

20. Layers - Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from disk
search the mask "20-20" and choose the following settings:

21. Right mouse click on the layer palette - merge - merge group.

22. Set the blend mode of your (tube) layer to "Luminace (Legacy)".

***                         ***

23. Now place your watermark, merge all layers and save as jpg.


And here's another result following this tutorial:

I hope you have had a little fun by doing the tutorial and all was well understandable.

I would be glad if you have learned some new things by trying the tut and you got many new
creative ideas what you can do.
I would be very pleased if you would show me your results!!! ~s~
And of course I'm also pleased about every review or suggestion to make my tut better!

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