Level: Advanced Beginners - Previous knowledge is provided

.::Mask "20-20"::.

I've collected the tube and the mask on the web. An infringement of a copyright is neither known to me nor intended by me!

Step 1:
* Open your tube, duplicate it (SHIFT+D) and close the original.
* Resize the tube to 400px height maximum (choose Resample using 'Bicubic'!).
* Copy the tube layer (STRG+C).

Step 2:
* Open a new image 1024px width and height quite the same as your tube height.
* Pick two nice colors from your tube (a darker color for foreground color and a
   lighter one for background color).
* Now choose gradient at the foreground and stroke properties in the material palette
   and choose foreground-background, angle 45, repeats 1, style linear.
   The lighter color should be in the middle (see screenshot)
   If the darker color is in the middle keep "invert" checked.
* Flood fill the layer with the gradient.

Step 3:
* New raster layer.
* Selections - Select All
* Edit - Paste - Paste into selection (STRG+SHIFT+L) - copy of your tube layer is still in the temporary storage.
* Selections - Select None.

Step 4:
* Effects - Texture Effects - Fine Leather with the follwing settings:
Color: #DCDCDC, Anlge 30, Blur 40, Transparency 250, Number of furrows 40, Length of furrows 4.

ATTENTION: Next point is not possible with PSP8. If you use PSP8 just skip it. The result will come out a little different but it will be neat, too:
* Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur with the settings:
Blur type: Spin, Blur: Strength 48, Elliptical checked, Center: Horizontal offset -36, Vertical offset 12, Protect center 4.

* Effects - Distortion Effects - Waves with the following settings:
Horizontal displacement: Amplitude 21, Wavelength 10, Vertical displacement: Amplitute 10, Wavelenth 51, Edge mode: Repeat.
* Adjust - Blur - Motion Blur: Angle 270, Strength 100%
* Adjust - Blur - Motion Blur: Angle 90, Strength 100%
* Effects - Image effects - Seamless tiling - choose factory default settings.
* Effects - Reflection effects - Mirror rotation with the following settings:
Mirror Placement: Horizontal offset 2, Vertical offset 21, Rotation angle 236, Edge mode: Reflect.
* Effects - Image effects - Seamless tiling - settings same as before BUT choose direction = VERTICAL!

Step 5:
* In your layer palette set the layer opacity down to 30.
* Set the blend mode of this layer to "Luminace (Legacy)".
* Image - Mirror.

Step 6:
* Edit - Paste - Paste as new layer (STRG+L)
(the tube should be still in the temporary storage - if it is not, just go to the tube layer and copy it again (STRG+C)).
* Click on your "Move Tool" (M) and move the tube to the left side.
* Now apply the mask 20-20:
Layers - Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from Disk. Choose the mask 20-20, Orientation: Fit to layer, Create mask from: Source luminace, Options: Invert transparency NOT checked, Hide all mask checked (see screenshot).

Step 7:
* In the layer palette click with the right mouse button and choose Merge - Merge group.
* Fix your watermark to the background and .. weeheee... we're done! CONGRATS ~s~

And here is another result following this tutorial:

I hope you have had a little bit fun by doing the tutorial and all was well understandable. I would be glad if you have learned some new things by trying the tut and you got many new creative ideas what you can do. I would be very pleased if you would show me your results!!! ~s~
And of course I'm also pleased about every review or suggestion to make my tut better!

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